Monday, August 11, 2008

28 Weeks Later....

We're officially into our third trimester now, and our due date seems simultaneously a long way off and rapidly approaching!

There's a lot to be done before November still, and August seems to be going by so quickly - the State Fair begins next weeks already! Where did summer go??

Tonight will be the last night of childbirth prep class. We'll be talking about what happens during our two-day stay at Lakeview Hospital (4 days if we end up having a c-section). (We hope that many of you will come visit!). We'll also be learning basic baby care skills tonight (things like swaddling and bathing), so we'll have plenty of time to practice them on Tweak.

This is what Tweak thinks of that idea:

(and for those of you who know our cat, yes, that is him, just when he weighed 3 pounds instead of 13)