Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is Halloween

And Ridley dressed as a scary skelly-ton!! (He also glows in the dark!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

House Pictures!

Here are some pictures of our house! We are mostly moved in and settling in well. The kitties and Ridley love it!

Living room (and Gilmour on the couch and Ridley playing on the floor)

Kitchen (and ugly wallpaper border, which will be disposed of)

Tweakie hanging out between the stairs

Standing on the stairway landing looking up.
(doors l-r are master bed, bath, closet, office/third bed)

Ridley and Tweak watching the washer and dryer

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Backyard

This morning. And yes, that would be snow.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A House for Ridley Dexter

As many of you know, last week, we bought a house! We'd started looking at the beginning of July, and we probably looked at over 50 houses all together. The majority were foreclosures, some which were an excellent condition, some that needed to be torn down and rebuilt, and most somewhere in between. We also looked at short sales (houses nearing foreclosure, but the owner are still able to try to negotiate with the bank to relieve them of some of the cost of the house), and we even looked at a couple that were just for sale like normal. 

The first house we put in an offer on was in Circle Pines, MN. It was a really cute little place with a huge backyard that backed right up to a city park, but we lost out to another offer. The second offer we made was on a townhouse in Shoreview that we both loved and agreed would be perfect. Unfortunately, we lost out to another offer. A few days after we lost out, we got a phone call from our realtor, calling to let us know that the financing was falling through for the people whose offer had been accepted for the townhouse, so it would be going back on the market. We put in another offer the next day, and this time we got it! 

That was in late August, so we spent September packing and waiting. 

Everything went through smoothly and we closed September 30. We went home, picked up Ridley, grabbed some food and headed right over to the new house to start cleaning. We cleaned all evening, the came back and did more the next morning. We took a break to look at some appliances, and we actually found a great deal on a high efficiency washer and dryer, which we ordered and will hopefully have sometime next week. We also found a fantastic fridge, but it was too big for the space we have. (We do have a fridge currently, it's just a little outdated. And sometimes the fan makes a loud and annoying noise). 

Thursday night we moved over enough of our clothes, pillows and toiletries that we could start spending the night. This also meant we could bring the kitties over. They LOVE their new house. It has many places to explore, stairs to run up and down, and a patio door to watch squirrels, birds and the neighbor's dog. 
Since Friday morning, we've been moving more and more over almost every day, although we are taking a couple days off from moving to unpack now. The lease on our apartment doesn't end until the end of November, so we have quite a bit of time to work with. 

I have many pictures of the new place, in various stages of being put together, but unfortunately, the cord to connect my camera to the computer is an a box somewhere that has yet to be unpacked. And it wouldn't have done a whole lot of good to have it around before then anyway since we didn't have internet until Wednesday night. 

But we are all adjusting well to life in the new house. It was especially nice this morning not to have to scrape the frost off our car windows since we were parked in the garage!