Saturday, July 26, 2008

26 weeks: Little babies, big money

According to one of my pregnancy books, a fetus delivered at 26 weeks has about an 80 percent chance of survival. Pretty impressive considering full term* is still 11 weeks away, and the due date is still 14 weeks.

A low-end estimate of the cost for the neo-natal care required to keep the baby alive: $100,000.00.

Needless to say, as excited as I am to have this baby, I am more than happy to wait another 14 weeks.

*A pregnancy is considered full term at 37 weeks because all the baby's body systems are fully developed. So, in most cases, if mom goes into labor, the hospital staff isn't going to stop it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A hero for the baby?

There's really isn't a lot of change between being 24 weeks pregnant and 25 weeks. For me, anyway. For the baby, every day makes a difference in the development of all his or her little bodily system development, and every day brings him/her closer to being ready to be here.

For me, on the other hand, it's another week of heartburn and getting kicked. I don't mind the kicks, but the heartburn is getting a little old. (Tums are my favorite thing EVER). The kicks are reaching new heights this week though - I have now been kicked in the ribs. I do believe that our young one already has a hero:

(for those unfamiliar, that would be soccer star David Beckham).

Otherwise, all is good with Josh and I (and the kittens too of course!).

Congratulations to our friends Steve and Stefany, whose little girl was born this morning!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

24 (No Jack Bauer, sorry!)

Yes, we are now 24 weeks along! Only 16 weeks to go until our due date!

The baby and I went to our 24-week check-up on Monday. All is well: strong heartbeat for the baby, and a rise in my blood pressure. That's a good thing though because it puts my blood pressure into the "normal" range. We have four more weeks until our next visit, but after that we'll be visiting the doctor a bit more frequently.

Monday was also the second night of childbirth prep class. While the first week was full of talking and videos, for the second class we got to spend some time practicing relaxation techniques, including massage and breathing exercises. We also got to sample some of the aromatherapy lotions Lakeview offers.

Yes, our hospital offers aromatherapy as an option to laboring moms. They also encourage hydrotherapy (shower/bathtub), use of yoga balls, walking, music, and massage (among other things) for pain and labor management. Don't worry - they have epidurals and other drugs too!

As many have requested... here are some pictures of my belly and the baby. The ultrasound pictures are from June 11, so we were 19 weeks along then.

This is me on Monday (so it's very recent!):

Here is a profile picture of the baby (sorry it's sideways! I don't know how to change it!):

And here is one of his (or her) hand: