Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh, Sleepy Sundays

Gilmour, Tweak and I all thought the best way to deal with the snow
flurries this afternoon was to deny their existence and sleep through

We have five more days to go until our due date, and at least for me,
it hasn't really set in how close that is. We're both really excited
to meet this little one though! The baby's bedroom is all set up and I
have two bags packed and ready to go to the hospital (one for Josh and
I, the other for the baby). I installed one of our carseat bases in my
car already and it'll only take a few minutes to install the second
base into Josh's backseat. Our cats are now (mostly) trained to stay
off all baby furniture, though they do like to test us sometimes on
the pack and play. There's a little hippopotomus toy hanging on the
canopy that Tweak likes to steal. But I'm quick with the squirt
bottle, and they know what they're doing is wrong (kittens make very
cute guilty faces).

Everything is ready - just a few more days to go!!

I did wake up this morning feeling congested and achy. The aches are
at least somewhat pregnancy related, but I really hope I'm not getting
a cold. I need the little energy I have these days to deliver a baby!!
Looks like the couch and I will sharing even more time together....

I do only have to work half days now though, so that is really nice.
My last full day was Wednesday, and I felt so much better being able
to come home and rest Thursday and Friday. Yeah, it's getting boring
spending so much time off my feet, but the difference in how I feel is
so huge that it makes the boredom completely worthwhile.

Josh and I did take advantage of our joint afternoon off on Thursday
to go see "Body of Lies" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.
We both really enjoyed it (and highly recommend it).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Halloween

Stacey and I as Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Robin and Nora

Ok, so it's not just for Robin and Nora, but I have been promising them new pictures for quite a while. Apologies for the quality - the CD I burned from Windows Vista doesn't play well with our iMac, so I took pictures using the built-in camera on the computer. Lighting wasn't great either, but you get the idea :)

<--- This is me today. My hair is wet. I'm watching The Office (hilarious!). I'm tired. But tomorrow is Friday!! I only have three full days of work left (and eight half days). 

Things I am looking forward to (in the two and a half weeks before my due date):
1. One of my closest friends, Stefany, who I met two years ago at Wells Fargo, is starting work at USB on Monday - in my department!
2. Ultrasound on Monday! (For anyone counting, this would be number 5). Just a general follow-up, but I get to see Webby!!

3. Halloween party next Friday! Stacy and I have the greatest costumes EVER and I will be sure to get pictures :) Also looking forward to hair dyeing with Stacey on Wednesday :) 

4. 30 Rock Season 3 premieres October 30. Tina Fey is a genius!

5. Any chance I can get at a good night's sleep!

<---- This is also me tonight. Headless, but slightly better view of my belly. Right after the picture was taken, Webby started bouncing around.

Robin and Nora, I hope these pictures are better than none at all. We can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!! 

Everyone else, thanks for reading, and I'll try to update a few more times before the little one comes, and then, of course, often afterward, though I hope you'll all get to come see Webby in person too!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smarty Cat

Tweak likes to read pregnancy books during his free time on Saturday

Friday, October 10, 2008

One Day More

As of tomorrow, we are officially full term, which basically means
that if we went into labor, they wouldn't stop us. Don't start calling
us every day to see if we've had the baby yet though. Since it's our
first, it is much more likely that the little one will be late than
early. So it'll still probably be at least another three weeks.

Doctor's appointments are officially weekly events now. We had an
ultrasound last Monday (October 6 - all fluid levels and all checked
out just fine), and we'll be in for a regular check up on Oct 13
(Josh's birthday!). Then another ultrasound Oct 20 and, as far as we
know, regular appointments every week after that until we have the baby!

I spent last Sunday and several evenings this week hard at work on the
nursery. I washed all our baby clothes, sheets, towels, washcloths and
blankets - three large loads of laundry all together! But now it's all
clean and put away. I still have a pack and play and a swing to put
together, otherwise all that's left is organizing some little things
and packing our bags for the hospital.

Gilmour and Tweak are very interested in our changing table. They seem
to think it would be better suited to be a kitten nap spot. Silly boys.

Otherwise, all is well with Josh and I. Punch keeps Josh busy and
smelling deliciously of pizza. My already light workload at the bank
is dwindling even more as we prepare for my leave, so please email me!
It keeps me entertained.